What can Tachyons do for you? Tachyons work best when a person accepts that they are connected to a higher power and believes in the body’s ability to heal itself. Tachyons help your body mass slower than light bradyons reorganize with information delivered by tachyonized crystals interacted with during your session. Tachyonized crystals are different from regular crystals because they have been through a 14-day patented tachyonization process allowing them to channel faster than light particles from source energy. Tachyon crystals are powerful and anyone that meets them are left changed. Their life force is very tangible and you can feel it through your body. It feels like static energy and is very calming.

I am currently offering my services at
Hidden Beauty
109 Drave Ave Suite A Modesto CA 

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Tachyon Crystal Energy Healing can help you in a myriad of different ways:

  • It opens up any blockages in the body’s information superhighway
  • Reconnects your body to the energetic continuum
  • Reconnects your mind to your body
  • Ignites your body’s own healing mechanisms
  • Gives orders to the subtle organic energy fields in your body to do their job
  • Changes direction of the cell from degeneration to regeneration
  • Clears EMF fields and repairs EMF damage
  • Cleanses your third eye allowing it to heal your body
  • Clears your chakras and leads you down the path to kundalini activation
  • Delivers the 13th ray of light to increase your vibration
  • Connects you to your higher self which allows you to identify your ego lower self
  • Opens you up to ONENESS in order to experience unconditional love
  • Prepares your body for 5th dimensional life on Gaia
  • Helps you realize your hidden potential
  • Allows you to tap into the everflow of Source Energy
  • Helps clear implants in order to remember past lives and your life’s purpose
  • Allows you the opportunity to release old karma
  • Allows you claim control of your matter and ability to self govern your body
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