Quantum Healing

$60 Initial visit 90 minute session (45-50 mins Meditation)
$30 follow up 45 minute sessions (20-25 mins Meditation)

This session is designed for more for physical pain, as well as, emotional pain caused by trauma. During your session, you will be the leader in your healing by tapping into your higher self in order to recognize emotions that may be the root of the physical pain and reconnect with your pain so you can work it out of your body by using your mind to control your body’s own healing mechanisms offered to you by source energy. Tachyon crystal healing is good for the person who is on the introductory stage of spiritual growth or someone who has a hard time opening up to others since this does not require much talking. Tachyon keeps you out of the doctor office, church and therapy sessions.

Your Session includes:

  • Chakra Diagnosis with pendulum and muscle testing to locate dis-ease
  • Specific command creation for your particular disease
  • Mindfulness retraining with tachyon particle bath
  • Body’s energy lines cleared
  • Pain mapping by Michelle
  • Anointing of painful hotspots with healing oil
  • Silica Disc application for intense tachyon bath to hot spots
  • Restoration of emotional balance in association with trauma
  • Acupressure Magic wand work
  • Reconnection to the energetic continuum
  • Reigniting your body’s own healing mechanisms
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