Third Eye Igniting

$60 Initial visit 90 minute session (45-50 mins Meditation)
$30 follow up 45 minute sessions (20-25 mins Meditation)

This session is designed for igniting your third eye which will assist in decalcifying it and open up your mind to collective consciousness. During your session, you will receive a short chakra clearing session in order to open yourself up to source energy and the power of unconditional love. You will then be introduced to the tachyonized cintamani stone on your third eye. The Cintamani is the central stone of alchemy, also known as the Philosopher’s Stone, symbolizing perfection and enlightenment. In Hindu and Buddhist religions, the Cintamani is known as the wish fulfilling stone. Cintamani is from the Sirius Star system and is the stone with the highest vibration of all stones known.

Your Session includes:

  • Chakra diagnosis with a pendulum to determine activity of your third eye, as well as all chakras
  • Begin crystal meditation with anointing head with healing oils opening the third eye
  • Placement of a tachyonized Cintamani gem on the 3rd eye and head encircled with 3rd eye powerful crystals to assist you in possible astral travel during session
  • Placement of tachyonized chakra stones along the other six chakra points of your body with tachyonized crystals
  • Meditation with 3rd eye frequency music and extended concentration of tachyon crystal exposure at the third eye
  • Emotional release clearing
  • Participation in a chakra clearing with music and concentrated tachyon crystal exposure along chakra points
  • Focus of tachyon energy to the glands of the body so they can release information
  • Connecting to source energy and climb the ladder of Enlightenment
  • Connecting to source energy for implant clearing, knowledge of past lives, and knowledge of Godlove and the expansive multi-verse.
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