Chakra Clearing

$60 Initial visit- 90 minute session (45-50 mins Meditation)
$30 Follow up- 45 minute sessions (20-25 mins Meditation)

This session is designed for clearing your chakras. Each session will get you closer and closer to your higher self.

Your Session includes:

  • Chakra diagnosis with a lifestyle analysis and pendulum energy reading to assist with Michelle creating intentions for your healing during your chakra balancing session
  • Begin with basic healing oil anointing with Frankincense and Sage
  • Placement of tachyonized chakra glass cells along the seven chakra points of your body
  • Body’s energy lines cleared with tachyon crystal sweeps over the whole body
  • Emotional heartspace clearing with tachyon crystal sweeps concentrated in the heartspace
  • Listen to chakra activation music as tachyon energy is concentrated into the cells by Michelle
  • Creation of mantra and intention to maintain connection to higher self

After the initial visit, I can follow up with Third Eye Igniting, Quantum Healing for deep pain, and Essential Oil Protocol applications specific for igniting your DNA and specific body systems like lymphatic, chi, immune, and nervous systems for example.

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